"Who has not asked himself at one time or another: am I a monster or is this what it means to be a person?" - Clarice Lispector.

Hana, 21. college student, feminist, Jew, anxious, body lover, tarot reader, social justice warrior, nerd, poet, angry cat. occasional banana. cis, white, she/her.

“If Claire becomes Scottish, she can’t be forced from clan lands. How can Claire become Scottish you ask? If she marries! Claire is like, Oh, I’m not marrying you, and Dougal chuckles, says something crass about grinding her corn, which is a great euphemism for bad sex if nothing else. Then we realize he means for Claire to marry Jamie. I am pretty sure I heard a chorus of angels at this point. Jamie comes upon Claire and offers her some drink and they talk over their potential nuptials. She asks, “Doesn’t it bother you that I’m not a virgin?” “No,” Jamie says, “So long as it doesn’t bother you that I am.” The angels began singing even louder. You’re telling me Claire will have a blank slate and that amazing body to work with? There is a god and her name is Beyoncé.
After mulling over her options a bit longer, Claire takes a big swig of drink, and makes her way back to the menfolk, grabbing the bottle because for some inexplicable reason, she’s going to need a lot more liquor to wrap her mind around being married to the hottest man in Scotland. I don’t need such convincing. I am ready for the wedding and the wedding night and the honeymoon and the christening of a new home and the fight sex and make up sex and Tuesday night sex and all the other flavors of sex Claire and Jamie are finally going to have if Beyoncé wills it, Amen.”

—   Roxane Gay - Vulture (x)

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70 questions you could ask

Name three:

1. Things that make you happy

2. People you're proud of

3. People you look up to

4. Things you think are pretty

5. Words you can't spell half the time

6. Things you can't live without

7. Things you do when you're upset

8. Things you like to do

9. Of your favourite blogs

10. Things you wanted to be when you were younger

11. Of your favourite books

12. Of your favourite songs

13. Of your favourite colours

This or that?

14. Black or white?

15. Warm or cold?

16. Inside or outside?

17. Trains or aeroplanes?

18. Texting or talking?

19. Analog or digital?

20. Books or magazines?

21. Bing or Google?

What's/ Who's your favourite...

22. Name?

23. State?

24. Country?

25. Beverage?

26. Food?

27. Website?

28. Sports Team?

29. Sport?

30. Singer?

31. Actor?

32. Actress?

33. Artist?

34. Band?

35. News person?

36. Newspaper?

37. Aeroplane company?

38. Type of car?

39. Type of cake?

40. Type of cookie?

Random questions!

41. If the url you have right now was taken, what alternate URL would you pick?

42. What languages do you know? What languages do you want to learn?

43. What is/was your favourite subject in school?

44. Are you still in contact with the first friend you ever made?

45. Are you still in contact with the first person you were in a relationship with?

46. Did you ever date the first person you had a crush on?

47. What's your favourite emoticon?

48. Do you like to type or write more?

49. Do you like crayons or markers more?

50. Would you ever play a sport professionally if you were given the option? If so what?

51. Who would play you in the movie telling the story of your life?

52. What scares you the most?

53. What do you think is your biggest strength?

54. What's your biggest pet peeve?

55. 1 ply, 2 ply, or 3 ply tissues?

56. Favourite thing to cook?

57. Have you ever gone to Disney World or Disney Land?

58. Have you ever known someone with a terminal illness?

59. Do you have someone you think of constantly?

60. Have you ever flown a kite?

61. Do electric fans annoy you?

62. Do you drink coffee? How about tea?

63. Do you like eating foods from different cultures?

64. Do you like smoothies?

65. What's your favourite kind of chocolate?

66. Do you believe in second chances?

67. How do you act around new people?

68. Do you base interactions with people off of first impressions?

69. Do you ever have trouble sleeping?

70. *any question you want to ask*


Tumblr is a real-time, continuous documentation of language evolution and race dynamics. Over the last three years I’ve seen the language used by the Black users I follow make its way into the lexicon of white and other nonblack people’s vernacular. It happens rapidly and…

I’m always concerned about this because as a white person I’m never sure how okay it is for me to use AAVE and black-originating phrases in my speech. Like I’m obviously not using them to mock people of color but does that even matter, or is it better just to stay away from those linguistic trends altogether? I often hear songs on the radio where obviously white singers are using phrases like “this is how we roll” or “all my girls blowin up my phone” and I just wince, it sounds so awful and stolen I can’t even believe they’re doing it and making money off it. I definitely don’t want to be that person. But at the same time refusing to adopt any black-originating language might just be even more weird and stigmatizing and putting up unnecessary barriers? Like “I’m too fucking proper to speak anything but pure white people dictionary speech.” Idk, I really *want* to believe that it’s okay for me to say “slain” or “ain’t nobody got time for that” in casual conversation, but I don’t want to make anyone feel unsafe. Im open to thoughts/suggestions on this if you have them

Oh shit even with huge missing chunks Sappho’s poetry is so beautiful

yup. it’s atrocious.


yup. it’s atrocious.

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HE TEXTED ME AGAIN nfjsebelabkeoqnaja

favorite tv shows


• The Syrupranos
• It’s Always Sunny Side Up in Philadelphia
• 24/7
• CSI: Cheesy Sandwich Ideas
• Bacon Bad
• The West Chicken Wing
• Two and Half Eggs
• South Pork
• Friday Night Bites
• Sit & Order
• Doctor Who
• The Eggs-Files
• Firefry
• Denny’s Diner 90210
• The Walking Bread
Mighty Morphin Pancake Puppies
• Eating with the Stars
• Denny’s Agents of B.A.C.O.N.
• Glee
• Eg, Egg n Eggy

The best thing about this is that Doctor Who and Glee are just on there normally

Like yeah you’re right Denny’s those are already breakfast items


Deleted tinder after approximately 48 hours. The screenshot guy from earlier refused to accept that I didn’t want to meet up with him even though he “just wanted to be friends,” then called me judgmental and sheltered and said I was a beautiful girl that he wasn’t going to “let slip away that easily.” I think I finally ended the convo but omg, what a mess… I shouldn’t have given him my real # but he kept asking about it and I was drunk and happy playing board games with friends and I wasn’t thinking. Well hopefully he’s done, if not then I’ll be coming back to y’all for advice on how to block someone from texting me…